Great podcast about using social networking well and my favorite app no matter the platform!

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Here is a great podcast mp3 I was listening to from Harvard Business that talks about two things that are useful in the area of tech:


From this great Podcast:


Example Tutorial for Weebly

Here are two websites One has examples of Weebly websites and the other has tutorials, how to’s, forums to ask questions, SEO tips, etc. on using Weebly.

Article on being hacked.

Here is an article on how easy it is to get hacked.. Aubrey

I only heard a portion of the story this morning on NPR but I think this article is one we should all read…

Easily Create Embeddable Forms in your Website whose Results are Emailed to You

This is a cool website, Jotform, that simply using a drag and drop interface makes web site forms that you can embed in your website that e-mails the data from the forms automatically to you.  The free version only allows 100 submissions per month. I would say this should be used for a backup link when Google forms (e.g. in China) does not work.

Example Form

Sample Form

Apologetic videos for internationals

Paul Champoux developed apologetic video for ISM workers to show to groups of internationals or for internationals to view personally. He also includes the text version and the audio version of the videos for closer study. The topics include the authority of the Bible, evolution/creation, science and purpose in life.Download the materials or stream the videos at this website:

How Knowing a Foreign Language Can Improve Your Decisions

Interesting article. It appears people make better decisions if they are working off of a language other than their heart language because emotions play a lesser role. But in emotional exchanges, the heart language is best. This could affect the way we approach things with students.

Online Bible Study Post

A growing list of Bible studies geared for internationals can be found at
this listing includes cost, audience intended, language, etc so you can find one that meets your needs.

If you have a great Bible study, then please add it to the list by filling out the form found at the address below:

Social media explained :-)

Awesome explanation of social media. Descriptive, true and yet funny. Enjoy

Social media explained  Twitter: I’m eating a #donut  Facebook: I like donuts  Foursquare: This is where I eat donuts  Instagram: Here’s a vintage photo of my donut  YouTube: Here I am eating a donut  LinkedIn: My skills include donut eating  Pinterest: Here’s a donut recipe  LastFM: Now listening to “Donuts”  Google+: I’m a Google employee who eats donuts

12 Ways Tech Can Ignite Your Faith

Sent in my Matt Smucker an article by Ed Stetzer from

Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer shares powerful ways your church can leverage technology for maximum impact.

Last week, I put out a simple question onFacebook and Twitterasking, “What is new to consider in the areas of faith and technology?” After sorting through nearly 125 responses, I started to see some trends developing. What was most interesting is that there was as much negative feedback about faith and technology as positive. Today, I’d like to discuss 12 mentioned positive benefits of technology and faith. Tomorrow, I will write on 12 precautions I heard.

Online Community and Discipleship

The response in regards to online community was  (Read more)

Example of how to start a prayer network for your campus-city

Example of how to start a prayer network for your campus-city