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English Discussion Question Sources

One of the biggest needs that international students have to have an opportunity to practice conversational english. Much practice is required and that best comes in an informal setting. One of the key tools international student ministries use is the discussion group. During these discussion groups, people meet together to talk about a particular subject. […]

Facebook as a way to strengthen your Ministry

Hi… My name is Roy Yabuki… I am one of the moderators of this blog and I am excited about the prospect of sharing some really cool things with you all about what people are doing in international student ministry and some useful ways to use technology as a way to multiply your ministry capabilities […]

Sticky: Welcome to the ISM TIPs Blog!

This is a place to hear about some great ideas in international ministry and how people are using technology to touch more students’ lives. We will also discuss how to use some of the key technology tools and answer some of your technology questions. (Please send us questions using the forum system) There is also […]