Sending Large Files via E-mail

One question that hs come up to me on more than one occasion is, “How do I send a large file via e-mail?” You don’t want large files festering in your e-mail box taking up space and many e-mail providers have limits on how large a file you can send. One great way to do it is by using the website. You can upload your file on this website and then have it send a notice to the person you want to send the file to via e-mail. What they will see is an e-mail as if it is coming directly from you with a link to your file. Using the free version you can send a file as large as 100 MB with a 1GB monthly download limit. (You can get a premium version for larger files for $9.99/month, but there are probably easier ways to share larger files than that like using a password protected,, Windows Skydrive,, etc. site – all free file sharing websites which we will talk about on some other post.) In addition, if you use popular program like Microsoft Office, Outlook, Adobe Photoshop, or Acrobat you can upload a plug-in that makes sending a file as simple as sending an e-mail. the file remains on their system for up to 7 days with up to 100 downloads available. If you want to send multiple files you will have to put is in a zip file using a program like winzip or the free flzip or you can use YouSendIt’s own Desktop Application which will zip it for you.

I have used this for several years and you don’t know how many times it saved me when I had to send a large powerpoint presentation or flyer to a church or ministry partner and all my different e-mails account wouldn’t let it go through because of the size of the file.

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