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Finding Foreign Language Christian Resources and Bibles

One question I am almost always asked is, “How can I get a Chinese Bible?” or “Where can I find a Bilingual Bible Study for Japanese?” or “How can I find XX resource for my (insert country) friend?” One incredible resource for these sorts of things is the Multilanguage Media website ( They offer a […]

Small Cheap Video Camera

It seems like today everything is being pushed to video. From dogs doing absolutely nothing to a guy blending an iPhone, you can go on youtube and see just about anything. It is fast becoming a default medium for sharing experiences etc. In the past, video cameras have been very expensive or you had to […]

The New “Facebook” of Evangelism & Discipleship from ISMinister

Here is a newletter post from the international student minister Chris Hardy from Michigan commenting on his experience with facebook… For those of you over the age of 25 who may not know what facebook is, you’re not alone. Facebook is a website that connects people together via the internet. What started out as a […]