Small Cheap Video Camera

It seems like today everything is being pushed to video. From dogs doing absolutely nothing to a guy blending an iPhone, you can go on youtube and see just about anything. It is fast becoming a default medium for sharing experiences etc. In the past, video cameras have been very expensive or you had to depend on the video function of your still camera which often was not very good and it took time to push this stuff to the web. In recent days, companies such as Flip, Creative and Kodak have introduced extremely small and inexpensive dedicated video cameras that are easy to use, so small you can take it everywhere, and so easy to upload, all you have to do is plug it in and you can quickly upload video to you tube.

Just recently, I purchased a Creative Vado(Promo video, CNET Review), one of these types of cameras. You can a new one at for about $60. (they have an HD version for $200) It is smaller than my iPhone, even a pack of cards- about the size of a small flip phone and yet it is able to take up to an hour of video. There is a built in USB plug that allows you to connect it to any computer for upload of the video to any computer. The software, that is embedded in the camera itself, allows you to look at the video clips stored on it, but it also has a feature that allows you to quickly send your clips to Youtube or photobucket at the push of a button. This is the perfect tool to take quick videos at a ministry event, and post it right away to keep student interest and also to promote for the future. (Remember to get media releases from the students you film to make sure its okay to put them on video)

I was recently at a training meeting and I came armed with this camera in my shirt pocket. I took some clips and while the meeting was going on, I plugged in the camera, edited the video and produced a short video complete with effects, music etc. using the Microsoft Windows built in Moviemaker in about 20 minutes. Then I uploaded it to the web on my account. Here is the resultant video…

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