Finding Foreign Language Christian Resources and Bibles

One question I am almost always asked is, “How can I get a Chinese Bible?” or “Where can I find a Bilingual Bible Study for Japanese?” or “How can I find XX resource for my (insert country) friend?” One incredible resource for these sorts of things is the Multilanguage Media website ( They offer a virtual cornucopia of resources from Tracts to Bibles to Videos to ESL materials to language learning materials to christian books and Bible studies – everything a ISM worker could need. They have it all and translated into 88 languages – From Africaans to Zulu, Arabic to Twi (Akuapem?), they have Bibles and resources from most of the languages groups we serve. Some titles include, “More than a Carpenter,” “Storytellers Bible Study,” “How to Survive in the USA,” “God and the Ancient Chinese,” translated “Purpose Driven Life,” “Shiokari Pass,” a translated, “Case for Christ.” It is a great place to find stuff you normally have a hard time finding.

The other place where I buy resources for Students is They have Bibles and other resources in many different languages for good prices. Also, if you sign up as an Amazon associate, you can get a percentage of whatever is bought off of your site. (future post).

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