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Growing up, when you needed to know how to do something. There were very few sources to find them. First, you probably went to your parents, and if they didn’t have some homespun advice, you went to the library to look for books like Ask Heloise or something like that. One of the blessing of the web is that it is a great media to share information and ideas on how to do things. It is easy to share ideas and procedures that worked for people in the past and thus you can benefit from the collective wisdom of the web. There many websites that facilite this function that the web can have. Recently the web trends blog, Mashable, posted an article entitled, “HOW TO GUIDE: 60+ Great How To Sites and Resources” listing some of the more popular ones. Perhaps a student asked you how to ___ and you have no ideas. Here are the places to find out.  Here are some sites of note that I have used in the past.

Maybe someday, there will be a way to download “how to” information directly into our brains (like in The Matrix) but until then, this is a great way to learn how to do a lot of things quickly and easily.

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