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Netbooks are so inexpensive… Should I get one to replace my computer?

Recently I was talking with Rebekah Miller, Website coordinator (and de-facto technical director) of ISI about the most common questions coming from ISI staff from around the country in regards to technology. She shared that many staff have been looking at the attractive size and price of a Netbook and are considering purchasing one to […]

Follow up on Tatango and Mass Text Messaging

I just received an e-mail from Tatango and found that they no longer offer the free texting option (as stated in the post). I received a comments from an ISMer in St. Louis about another options for mass text messaging. Here is his message. I have a friend that has a business that can do […]

Facebook Stormed by a Trojan Horse (not a virus)

Just recently an ISI person was infected with a Trojan horse on Facebook that was sent to all the staff. Fortunately, the national office was able to send a note to stop people from opening the message averting major problems. A questions was asked about what types of viruses reside on Facebook and what can […]

A Facebook URL to call Your Own to Share

Today on June 13, Facebook added the ability to define your own URL for your facebok page. From now on your facebook page can have the form, “” At first glance this may look like an attempt by facebook to capitalize on people’s narcissistic tendencies. Perhaps, but for us who do international student ministry it […]

Using Text Messaging & Voicemail to Communicate with Many Students – Tatango

Imagine that you are managing a large event at the park with international students. Just as you arrive, a huge storm suddenly hits. It is too late to use e-mail or Facebook and many of yours students don’t even know what twitter is. Actually, they hardly every use e-mail anyway so that won’t help. You […]

Twitter Tweet Cheat Sheet

It was great meeting many of you at ACMI this last weekend. I hope that we will be able to connect more in the future. During one of my workshops someone asked for a cheat sheet for Twitter. Here is one made by Jason Theodor on his blog,