A Facebook URL to call Your Own to Share

Today on June 13, Facebook added the ability to define your own URL for your facebok page. From now on your facebook page can have the form, “facebook.com/thenameyouwant.” At first glance this may look like an attempt by facebook to capitalize on people’s narcissistic tendencies. Perhaps, but for us who do international student ministry it can be a useful way to send students, volunteeers, etc. to our facebook page quickly and easily. How many of us have struggled finding a person with a name like Mary Lee (how many of those are there). Now a person can just give you their URL and presto you get the “Mary Lee” that you are looking for. You can also put it on a business card, etc. Now, with this new system, your facebook profile is a little more search friendly.

To get the URL that you want, the next time you log into facebook, there should be a notice to let you know of this new change. Select the link to get your URL and off you go. They should give you some choices for your name. If you have a common name, you may not get your first choice.

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