File Repositories Online (Storing & Sharing Files using the Web)

The last couple of months a common question has been coming up on how to share large files with other people. In a previous post, I shared about a resource called “YouSendIt” which allows you to send file too large for your e-mail client to handle using e-mail to let the receiver know where to find the file. But what people have been looking for lately is a way to share large files with a team (or other group) of people so they can access these files when then need it; in essence a virtual server of files.

In the “YouSendIt” post I mentioned several other tools that do just this thing and I need to add two more. No doubt many of you have other that you use, but these are the ones I have used in the past.

As I shared before, there are many of these types of file sharing/storage sites around. I guess the most basic way to do this too is to set up an FTP site through your web hosting service. Still, short of that, these are great options to share files with your teams, students, volunteers, etc.

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