Online vs. Offline Office Suites (e.g. MS Office vs Google Docs)

Recently Techsoup, the non-profit organization industry technology website put up an article comparing Microsoft Office with Google Docs. About a year ago, I heard of several churches who dropped their copies of the expensive Microsoft Office for a whole Google Docs office. I personally am not ready to drop ubiquitous Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Outlook for the online solution. At the same time, there are times when I am working on a document together with multiple people. (e.g. a team todo list, a document that is is being cobbled together by multiple people with different areas of expertise, or a shared and constantly updated spreadsheet with the names and contact information of specific students) This article really does a good job of articulating the differences between the two software products and how to make a choice on what to use for what projects.

Comparing Online vs. Traditional Office Software
Will desktop or online office software fit your nonprofit needs best?

By: Laura S. Quinn, June 30, 2009ne 30, 2009
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In this corner, we have the heavyweights: traditional office software like Microsoft Office or These nearly ubiquitous desktop tools provide feature-rich, popular ways to support word processing and spreadsheets and to create and share presentations.

In the other corner, we have the upstart contenders. Over the last few years, online office software like Google, Zoho, and ThinkFree have matured into reliable tools to create, manage, and collaborate on these same types of office documents — all on the Web. Instead of installing software, these tools let you access and edit your files online.

Which category is right for you in this office suite match-up? You may find that one is particularly suited to your organization, or it might make sense to use a combination of both. In this article, we consider the overall benefits and downsides of each type of office software… more on techsoup

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