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Using Outlook and Outlook Exchange E-Mail system for ISM

I recently did a presentation on using Outlook and Outlook Exchange to help in enhancing your international student ministry. Below are the handouts for that presentation. (Down load a pdf file, See and download the slide show) Introduction What is Outlook? How is it useful? What is the difference between Outlook and Exchange? What are […]

The Secret to Tech Support – How to solve your computer problems…

I got this from Facebook which got this from I have never seen such a funny and yet true explanation of how us “techy types” handle problems… Honestly, if you handle things the same way… You will probably be able to solve most problems…:-)

New Facebook Search

One thing that might be useful for us as international student ministers is the ability to search through our facebook friends for a particular topic. Perhaps you are working on a discussion group and want to test out if a particular topic is something people are truly talking about. Or perhaps there is a situation […]

The Top Five Obstacles in Support Raising

Here is an article sent to me by Support Guru ISI Staff Jeff which he received in the August newsletter from The Top Five Obstacles in Support Raising Over the last 25 years, I’ve heard hundreds of reasons why people were not able to get to full support. Whether those reasons were legitimate (or […]