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Hosting a Concert with S. Asian Band Aradhna

The ISI Dallas Fort Worth, Texas team recently hosted the Hindi/Nepali worship Aradhna for a concert as a gift for out S. Asian student community. It was a great experience for us, our partners and students. It really brought the S. Asian loving Christian community together and also was another way to show the S. […]

Quick Travel Tip – Inexpensive Hotels

Last month my wife and I decided last minute to take our family on vacation. Funds were tight and we wanted to go to Houston. We did a search on (great place to get the lowest retail price for airline, hotel, rental car etc. as it scans all the major web services including expedia, […]

Articles About Meeting New People

You’ve set up a activity to help Americans meet international students. All the details are falling into place: food, drinks, music, location, time, place… Everyone is there… and then… the AMERICANS AREN’T TALKING TO THE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS! EVERYONE IS STANDING AROUND IN CLUMPS. Most of us have been there before. We often question if the […]

Taking notes, Texting & e-mailing while Driving… USING YOUR VOICE! – Dial2Do

The last few weeks my wife has been getting on my case about something… You see, there are many times when I feel like I HAVE TO send a text (especially about being late) or e-mail to someone while I am driving. Or an idea comes up and I need to remind myself… What better […]