Taking notes, Texting & e-mailing while Driving… USING YOUR VOICE! – Dial2Do

The last few weeks my wife has been getting on my case about something… You see, there are many times when I feel like I HAVE TO send a text (especially about being late) or e-mail to someone while I am driving. Or an idea comes up and I need to remind myself… What better time to do such things, when you aren’t distracted by a computer… or a person… Then again… perhaps driving is something that requires your attention too. Here is a great tool that I found this week that makes your life much easier, especially us ISM people who have to drive to visit students, be on campus etc. so much. It is a website called Dial2Do.

As they put it,

Dial2Do lets you do common tasks by just calling a number and speaking. Use it to send EMAIL or TEXT messages, record REMINDERS to help you remember things, post updates to your TWITTER or JAIKU stream and LISTEN to your favorite internet content. It’s easy and handsfree..

First, you have to register on their website at http://www.dial2do.com/ (IT IS FREE). They will give you a phone number to call. You then register your mobile phone number so they recognize who is calling. Next you should enter some key phone numbers and e-mail addresses in your address book. The “nickname” field is the name they will be listening for when you are asked who you want to send a message to. You can also set up other services like twitter, evernote, etc. to send messages to. Once that is done, you are ready to go!

Basically how it works is you call the number that they gave you (put it high on your speed dial, you will use it a lot) You don’t need a special phone to use this (e.g. iPhone or Blackberry). Any mobile phone can be registered. Once you call they will ask you two or three questions like “Do what?”, “To who?”. You say what you want and then they look after the rest. They recognize what you say, and look after getting your action carried out. It is able to convert your voice to text to be sent to whatever service you like. When I tested it, it did a fairly good job. It was much better than previous free services like Jott or even the more recent Reqall. You can even send e-mails to yourself as reminders.

This is a great service you use to keep you safe on the road while still getting your work done. Kudos to this service!

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