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Over the years Google has become synonymous with search. The term “Google” has even become a verb. When my son recently had a question, I told him, ”‘Google’ it.” But interestingly enough for who work with many people and want to collaborate on things.  Google has become a wonderful tool to work together on projects.

Here are some examples. Perhaps you are working with a team on a project or document or maybe you use a spreadsheet to keep track of registration on a trip or the contact information of students . How many times have you e-mailed these things around between the people working on it. Eventually, you get lost in who edited what, and which version is the most recent. Your solution is to have one person who does all the “official” edits but that person is busy and doesn’t have the time to field all the e-mails with changes and so the project moves along very slowly with outdated information.

Or perhaps you have a group calendar and you are the only one who could edit it and so everyone sends e-mail to you.  You wish that they all have the ability to input new events on their own using the web. Or perhaps you want to have a common repository of pictures and videos.

Perhaps, you have so many phones, you end up giving students 10 phones number just so they can reach you. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one number to give that rings to all your phones with one e-mail.

If any of you have struggled with any of these tasks, Google has many incredible new tools to help you. Below are some of them and how they can help.

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