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Imagine the possibilities. Perhaps you want to teach a seminar, either about how to do something on a computer, or even a seminar or Bible Study using a power point presentation or website, perhaps with your current or former students, staff or your volunteers, any of whom might be in the U.S. or might be overseas. Maybe you have set up a conference call using something like or Skype but you really want to share your power point presentation with the whole group.  Using the new web product, LogMeIn Express, all you have to do is to the the LogMeIn Express site, download a small application that allows you to share your desktop, send your “students” the link to LogMeIn Express (Your students don’t have to download anything) and presto, instant presentation. Set up time, five minutes or less.

As someone who helps people with computers, one vital tool often find myself needing is a way to share my screen. There are many ways to do this. In the past I have used microsoft shareview which requires a ms live/hotmail account. I have also used‘s built-in tool which ironically requires a fee. I have also used Yugma. Of late, I have even been playing with Crossloops which with their permission allows remote control access to another person’s PC. This is wonderful tool to help fix their problems. I’ve tried to keep to free solutions for obvious reasons. Still each of these items seem complicated to use. Especially for those who want to see your presentation

Over the years, I have also come to trust another company, Logmein has several products that I use on a regular basis. One of their free products securely allows me remote control access to all my computers. My home computer, my office computer and even my laptop from any remote locations using only a web browser. Another of their products, LogMeIn Hamachi allows me to create a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) using the internet. In essence, using this product, I can create what looks like a Local Area Network to my computer, allowing me access to all my shared files and even my printers on all the computers connected to this network. These computers could be in my house, in my office, anywhere. The amazing thing is each of these products are free for individual users. Other similar products like GoToMyPC, an excellent product require a charge.

Now Logmein has come up with a new product that solidifies my faith in the company. They have created a product, LogMeIn Express that allows you to EASILY share with one easy push of a button, your desktop with people.

Below is a article from LifeHacker that I found that explains this powerful and useful new tool, LogMeIn Express, in more depth.

LogMeIn Express Makes Screensharing Simple

From LifeHacker

LogMeIn Express

LogMeIn has been around for quite awhile now as a very useful free remote access tool for casual users, as well as a commercial remote access tool for corporations. They’ve now taken the obvious step of putting their technology to use in the form of a screen sharing application called LogMeIn Express.

The idea here is that you can quickly share your Windows computer’s screen with up to 100 viewers by sending them a short 12-digit code and directing them to the LogMeIn Express website. Entering the code will then open a Flash-based page containing the contents of your computer’s screen. As the presenter, you need to install a small piece of native Windows software, but the installation process is quick and painless, and offers 256-bit SSL encryption.

LogMeIn Express competes with more full-featured commercial screen sharing tools like GoToMeeting and WebEx, and though it’s a much more simple implementation, it stacks up well. GoToMeeting is significantly faster than most competitors due to it being based on Citrix’s Terminal Services technology, but LogMeIn Express competes well with WebEx. It doesn’t currently include conference calling features which both of the commercial options do, but it does include an in-session chat module, and the ability to pass control of the host computer to one of the viewers.

LogMeIn Express is still in beta, but is free for both commercial and non-commercial use.

See Another Article with more specifics from lifehacker.

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I have needed a solution for these needs for years but until recently I had no idea they even existed. I would encourage everyone who thinks they may have a use for this type of remote desktop software to grab a demo and try it out. You might be surprised how much they can benefit you and save you valuable time!

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