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Marketing Where the Students Are

Marketing Where the Students Are: The “average” college student has 87 email contacts, 146 cell phone contacts and 438 “friends” on social networks. Men tend to have more cell phone contacts and women more “friends.” Marketers have become especially interested in this sphere of influence of 671 potential consumers around each student. This is true […]

Sticky Notes that you can work with

StickySorter – – Cool new app from Microsoft Office Labs that allows you to create sortable, groupable, moveable sticky notes on your computer that exports to and imports form excel. Great for brainstorming and Strategic Planning using a data projector and saving the results.

How to Convert a YouTube Video to an Offline Format

This comes to us from Brigada… Useful.. Did you ever face that dilemma? You wanted to show a video to an upcoming Perspectives class or to a Sunday School class… but you just weren’t sure you’d have access to the Internet in that environment. So ideally, you’d like to “harvest” the video off YouTube to […]