How to Convert a YouTube Video to an Offline Format

This comes to us from Brigada… Useful..

Did you ever face that dilemma? You wanted to show a video to an upcoming Perspectives class or to a Sunday School class… but you just weren’t sure you’d have access to the Internet in that environment. So ideally, you’d like to “harvest” the video off YouTube to some format that would play on your laptop solo — sort of like a DVD does, but from your hard drive instead. But you go to the YouTube page and… there really doesn’t appear to be any capability for that.

Well I faced that this past week with several YouTube videos I wanted to use when teaching Perspectives. I asked our I.T. guy for his favorite tool, because — honestly — every time I figure this out, it’s 6 months before I have to use it again and I forget! 🙂 He suggested a download service from It didn’t work correctly on my browser/PC, for whatever reason. (He’s a Mac guy, so that might have been it.) But their free iPod converter seemed to do the trick flawlessly. (Play with the settings until it works for you.)

This URL will “wrap”.. so if you have trouble reassembling it, just go to the Brigada webpage and click on the link we’ll provide you there. Snag that free program, convert the YouTube video to an iPod-compatible video, make sure you have QuickTime from Apple (I know; it was with great fear and trembling that I installed it again. Just make sure you uncheck the boxes that add free things that you don’t want), and you’re in business. The videos played at a fairly high level resolution *and* I didn’t have to worry about bandwidth stall-outs or connectivity in general. Good luck!

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thanks a lot ,it help me so much.looking forward to much more such software

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