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I saw this on Brigada the other day. I haven’t used it yet. Have any of you? Share what you think in the comments…

1) The #1 Flashiest Website Around: Clover is Easy, Snazzy, Fast — Yesterday I asked my two sons what they thought about the new Team Expansion website, now staged at CloverSites:

They *raved*. One son (the 20-year-old) said, “Dad, I’ll be a missionary with Team Expansion now that your website is this cool.” 🙂 OK… maybe his comment was tongue-in-cheek (although he *is* actually leading a summer team for us this summer), but the truth is, they really did like it. What’s more, it’s really easy, really fast, and really has a lot of potential. If you’d like to see some of the available features, take a look at: and

Those are all included in the base rate of $20/month.

I don’t know of a single, solitary more effective web-authoring solution for the non-web-professional. Just browse to…

to get started. Remember, even though it’s flash, the folks at Clover have developed a method of showing text to search engines, so your site will be very search-engine-friendly. And there are even more upgrades to come… and you’ll get them all for the same low monthly price once they’re finished.

(What’s more, Clover gives a tithe of all the start-up feel to Brigada… so when you use the best website, you’re also helping power-up Brigada.)

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