The purpose of the ISM TIPs blog is to be a place to learn and share about the latest in ideas related to international student ministry from around the Dallas/Fort Worth area and to also find out some creative ways that people are using technology to better do their work. We will also share some tips on how to use some of the technology tools that people are using. The forums is a place to share questions, concerns, ideas and to have dialogue about them. You may also comment on any article in this blog.

The Contributors

royrishingRoy Yabuki

Roy is the Dallas/Fort Worth Director of International Students Inc. and has been doing international student ministry since 1990. He was the lead staff in starting the UT Arlington ministry when he and his wife Lisa moved out to Texas from California in 1998 after learning the ropes as volunteers and ISI Staff with current Intervarsity ISM workers Dan and Tammy Gonzaga in Southern California. He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. In Dallas, Roy has the pleasure and honor of working with an incredible team of individuals who each have much personal expertise in many different areas. Drawing from their background in counseling, business, sales, finance, pastoral ministry, ministry management, theological education, missions, personal discipleship, network broadcasting, etc. they are naturally innovative and keep Roy on his toes.

Roy has been around computers and technology since his early days, when the first personal computers came out. His first computer was an apple 2 after learning on an IBM mainframe. While studying Mechanical Engineering he learned about electronics and programming becoming proficient in at least 10 computer languages. In his previous job for a corporate R&D lab he developed many computer applications and was exposed to many ideas in leadership and management. HeĀ  first got into the internet before the world wide web,when Compuserve and AOL was king and currenlty manages a good number of websites. He doesn’t remember exactly how many. He is a big time technophile, and loves his iPhone, his Netbook and other “toys”and is a regular contributor on facebook (over 900 friends).

He is married to Lisa with three kids and lives in Arlington, TX. His hobbies include listening to podcasts, blogging, golf, coaching basketball, reading kids, theology and leadership books and taking naps.

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