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Example of how to start a prayer network for your campus-city

Example of how to start a prayer network for your campus-city

Growing Closer to God Through Facebook Prayer

Growing Closer to God Through Facebook Prayer by PAUL W on JANUARY 28, 2010 Prayer is a critical element of ministry and of movements. Whether you minister – paid or unpaid – online or offline, you need a net work of people who pray for you regularly. You need their prayers to help you […]

Sticky Notes that you can work with

StickySorter – – Cool new app from Microsoft Office Labs that allows you to create sortable, groupable, moveable sticky notes on your computer that exports to and imports form excel. Great for brainstorming and Strategic Planning using a data projector and saving the results.

Geocaching as an event for internationals

Here is an idea from a colleague, Randy … using Geocaching as a group building event with international students I knew a couple of people with GPSs, and the youth group from one supporting church had three. A couple of student brought their own. (The ones designed for cars did not work well for this […]

Netbooks are so inexpensive… Should I get one to replace my computer?

Recently I was talking with Rebekah Miller, Website coordinator (and de-facto technical director) of ISI about the most common questions coming from ISI staff from around the country in regards to technology. She shared that many staff have been looking at the attractive size and price of a Netbook and are considering purchasing one to […]

ACMI 2009 Plenary & Workshop Presentations about Web 2.0 & Resource Notes

Welcome back all from ACMI 2009. It was a true pleasure meeting many of you. Here is a resource sheet from my workshop at ACMI 2009 at Azusa Pacific University, June 2009, which has a lot of links to important sites etc. related to ISM Ministry. Here is a link to the video that I […]

How do I do something? – Sites That Show you How…

Growing up, when you needed to know how to do something. There were very few sources to find them. First, you probably went to your parents, and if they didn’t have some homespun advice, you went to the library to look for books like Ask Heloise or something like that. One of the blessing of […]

What in the world is Twitter? and Why Should I care as a International Student Minister?

One question I am commonly asked is, “What is twitter and why should I care?” This is a very valid question.This is especially true of late as many famous people have recently migrated on to twitter including the likes of Oprah, Ashton Kutcher (1.6 million followers), Shaq, the local weather man, etc.  Twitter often defy’s […]

Facebook as a way to strengthen your Ministry

Hi… My name is Roy Yabuki… I am one of the moderators of this blog and I am excited about the prospect of sharing some really cool things with you all about what people are doing in international student ministry and some useful ways to use technology as a way to multiply your ministry capabilities […]