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Apologetic videos for internationals

Paul Champoux developed apologetic video for ISM workers to show to groups of internationals or for internationals to view personally. He also includes the text version and the audio version of the videos for closer study. The topics include the authority of the Bible, evolution/creation, science and purpose in life.Download the materials or stream the […]

Online Bible Study Post

A growing list of Bible studies geared for internationals can be found at this listing includes cost, audience intended, language, etc so you can find one that meets your needs. If you have a great Bible study, then please add it to the list by filling out the form found at the address below: […]

Geocaching as an event for internationals

Here is an idea from a colleague, Randy … using Geocaching as a group building event with international students I knew a couple of people with GPSs, and the youth group from one supporting church had three. A couple of student brought their own. (The ones designed for cars did not work well for this […]

Hosting a Concert with S. Asian Band Aradhna

The ISI Dallas Fort Worth, Texas team recently hosted the Hindi/Nepali worship Aradhna for a concert as a gift for out S. Asian student community. It was a great experience for us, our partners and students. It really brought the S. Asian loving Christian community together and also was another way to show the S. […]

Articles About Meeting New People

You’ve set up a activity to help Americans meet international students. All the details are falling into place: food, drinks, music, location, time, place… Everyone is there… and then… the AMERICANS AREN’T TALKING TO THE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS! EVERYONE IS STANDING AROUND IN CLUMPS. Most of us have been there before. We often question if the […]

The Top Five Obstacles in Support Raising

Here is an article sent to me by Support Guru ISI Staff Jeff which he received in the August newsletter from The Top Five Obstacles in Support Raising Over the last 25 years, I’ve heard hundreds of reasons why people were not able to get to full support. Whether those reasons were legitimate (or […]

Netbooks are so inexpensive… Should I get one to replace my computer?

Recently I was talking with Rebekah Miller, Website coordinator (and de-facto technical director) of ISI about the most common questions coming from ISI staff from around the country in regards to technology. She shared that many staff have been looking at the attractive size and price of a Netbook and are considering purchasing one to […]

Finding Foreign Language Christian Resources and Bibles

One question I am almost always asked is, “How can I get a Chinese Bible?” or “Where can I find a Bilingual Bible Study for Japanese?” or “How can I find XX resource for my (insert country) friend?” One incredible resource for these sorts of things is the Multilanguage Media website ( They offer a […]

The New “Facebook” of Evangelism & Discipleship from ISMinister

Here is a newletter post from the international student minister Chris Hardy from Michigan commenting on his experience with facebook… For those of you over the age of 25 who may not know what facebook is, you’re not alone. Facebook is a website that connects people together via the internet. What started out as a […]

Raising Support in 2009 – Funding Your Ministry Conference

My dear colleague and friend Jeff Anthony recently was part of a special meeting where ministers from various organization where their staff raise support met together to discuss observations and trends in support development. Because many of us who are in ISM have our ministries supported through partnership development (or support development, or support discovery or whatever you organization calls it), I asked Jeff it it was okay to share his notes on our blog. Below are the insightful and useful thoughts from the representatives of this conference…