Example Tutorial for Weebly

Here are two websites One has examples of Weebly websites and the other has tutorials, how to’s, forums to ask questions, SEO tips, etc. on using Weebly. http://siteshowcase.weebly.com/ http://weeblyforums.com/

Article on being hacked.

Here is an article on how easy it is to get hacked.. Aubrey I only heard a portion of the story this morning on NPR but I think this article is one we should all read… http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2012/08/apple-amazon-mat-honan-hacking/

How Knowing a Foreign Language Can Improve Your Decisions

Interesting article. It appears people make better decisions if they are working off of a language other than their heart language because emotions play a lesser role. But in emotional exchanges, the heart language is best. This could affect the way we approach things with students. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=foreign-language-improve-decisions

Great Library of Theological Information Online

Forwarded message from Princeton Seminary: The new library is under construction. As part of its major upgrade, we have created what the president is calling ‘The Theological Commons’…a new digital library on theology and religion presently with 50,000 books. It is destined to serve the church around the world…people in places without many resources…available free […]

ACMI 2009 Plenary & Workshop Presentations about Web 2.0 & Resource Notes

Welcome back all from ACMI 2009. It was a true pleasure meeting many of you. Here is a resource sheet from my workshop at ACMI 2009 at Azusa Pacific University, June 2009, which has a lot of links to important sites etc. related to ISM Ministry. Here is a link to the video that I […]

Tracking What is Going On: RSS Feeds, Blogs and News Articles – HOW DO I FOLLOW THIS BLOG?

One of the blessings of the internet is the amount of information available, produced nearly daily. One of the banes of the internet is the large amount of information available and produced every day. It can be overwhelming. While google and other search engines are a great way to find things we often find sites […]

What in the world is Twitter? and Why Should I care as a International Student Minister?

One question I am commonly asked is, “What is twitter and why should I care?” This is a very valid question.This is especially true of late as many famous people have recently migrated on to twitter including the likes of Oprah, Ashton Kutcher (1.6 million followers), Shaq, the local weather man, etc.  Twitter often defy’s […]

Raising Support in 2009 – Funding Your Ministry Conference

My dear colleague and friend Jeff Anthony recently was part of a special meeting where ministers from various organization where their staff raise support met together to discuss observations and trends in support development. Because many of us who are in ISM have our ministries supported through partnership development (or support development, or support discovery or whatever you organization calls it), I asked Jeff it it was okay to share his notes on our blog. Below are the insightful and useful thoughts from the representatives of this conference…

Sticky: Welcome to the ISM TIPs Blog!

This is a place to hear about some great ideas in international ministry and how people are using technology to touch more students’ lives. We will also discuss how to use some of the key technology tools and answer some of your technology questions. (Please send us questions using the forum system) There is also […]