Technology Tips

Great podcast about using social networking well and my favorite app no matter the platform!

Hi all, Here is a great podcast mp3 I was listening to from Harvard Business that talks about two things that are useful in the area of tech: It discusses using deciding on what social networking to use and how to use it to boost your productivity It discusses “Evernote,” my favorite (pc, mac, […]

Easily Create Embeddable Forms in your Website whose Results are Emailed to You

This is a cool website, Jotform, that simply using a drag and drop interface makes web site forms that you can embed in your website that e-mails the data from the forms automatically to you.  The free version only allows 100 submissions per month. I would say this should be used for a backup link […]

Best Free Technical Support Sites

Updated 4. June 2012 – 20:37 by gizmo.richards on When compiling this list I only looked at free third-party support sites. If you are looking specifically for vendor support sites, then click here. Most of the sites in this category have volunteer staffing and that means the quality of answers to your questions can very […]

Growing Closer to God Through Facebook Prayer

Growing Closer to God Through Facebook Prayer by PAUL W on JANUARY 28, 2010 Prayer is a critical element of ministry and of movements. Whether you minister – paid or unpaid – online or offline, you need a net work of people who pray for you regularly. You need their prayers to help you […]

Cool new deal, apps on the iphone

I use WordPress, iContact and eventbrite a lot. It is a significant part of my ministry tool kit. Just recently I found that all three have apps on the iPhone. This allows me to make changes, send e-mails, write blog posts, enter people for an event… all sorts of things remotely using my iPhone. So, […]

Making a Video for Promoting your Event

I was recently asked about how to make a simple video for an event. I thought I would post the answer on this blog. Making a video is actually a process. Honestly, the best way to learn this stuff is play with it and you will figure it out. The general work flow is as […]

Sharing Your Computer Screen EASILY with Others Around the World – LogMeIn Express

Imagine the possibilities. Perhaps you want to teach a seminar, either about how to do something on a computer, or even a seminar or Bible Study using a power point presentation or website, perhaps with your current or former students, staff or your volunteers, any of whom might be in the U.S. or might be […]

Easily show live/streaming video online to donors, former students, etc.

Got this from brigata. Looksa like a great way to live stream video to people. Especially useful for communicating with  to your donors, parties with returned students with current students, etc. Start streaming your Service or Project to the Web/World November 22nd, 2009 · No Comments All you need to know is… They’ll take […]

Improving Firefox Speed When it Gets Slow

It has been a while since I last posted. God has placed quite a few time challenges the last month or so. Anyway, back on… Many of you use the Mozilla Firefox browser now. In many ways it is one of the best out there, but of late, I’ve noticed that my copy has really […]

Google is more than Search

Over the years Google has become synonymous with search. The term “Google” has even become a verb. When my son recently had a question, I told him, ”‘Google’ it.” But interestingly enough for who work with many people and want to collaborate on things.  Google has become a wonderful tool to work together on projects. […]