Technology Tips

Powerful Event Management Made Easy –

As in international student minister, have you ever had a time when you were going to host an event. For your event, you want to send invitations, have a website about it and allow people to register for the event online, perhaps even pay a registration fee. Perhaps the event is so large that many […]

How Do I Mail Merge using Microsoft Office?

Hi all who were a part of the ISI Rocky Mountain and Plains Retreat. We had a wonderful time of rest and fun. I am thankful for the opportunity to help out with some technology stuff. I will be posting some of the documents the next couple of weeks from the time. One thing that […]

Quick Travel Tip – Inexpensive Hotels

Last month my wife and I decided last minute to take our family on vacation. Funds were tight and we wanted to go to Houston. We did a search on (great place to get the lowest retail price for airline, hotel, rental car etc. as it scans all the major web services including expedia, […]

Taking notes, Texting & e-mailing while Driving… USING YOUR VOICE! – Dial2Do

The last few weeks my wife has been getting on my case about something… You see, there are many times when I feel like I HAVE TO send a text (especially about being late) or e-mail to someone while I am driving. Or an idea comes up and I need to remind myself… What better […]

Using Outlook and Outlook Exchange E-Mail system for ISM

I recently did a presentation on using Outlook and Outlook Exchange to help in enhancing your international student ministry. Below are the handouts for that presentation. (Down load a pdf file, See and download the slide show) Introduction What is Outlook? How is it useful? What is the difference between Outlook and Exchange? What are […]

The Secret to Tech Support – How to solve your computer problems…

I got this from Facebook which got this from I have never seen such a funny and yet true explanation of how us “techy types” handle problems… Honestly, if you handle things the same way… You will probably be able to solve most problems…:-)

New Facebook Search

One thing that might be useful for us as international student ministers is the ability to search through our facebook friends for a particular topic. Perhaps you are working on a discussion group and want to test out if a particular topic is something people are truly talking about. Or perhaps there is a situation […]

Safety of Skype Overseas

Let me preface this post with the following caveat. I am not an expert in internet security and what I present is my impressions of what I’ve read on the internet. Just recently I received an e-mail from a colleague asking if it is safe to use Skype to communicate with people in China. She […]

File Repositories Online (Storing & Sharing Files using the Web)

The last couple of months a common question has been coming up on how to share large files with other people. In a previous post, I shared about a resource called “YouSendIt” which allows you to send file too large for your e-mail client to handle using e-mail to let the receiver know where to […]

Online vs. Offline Office Suites (e.g. MS Office vs Google Docs)

Recently Techsoup, the non-profit organization industry technology website put up an article comparing Microsoft Office with Google Docs. About a year ago, I heard of several churches who dropped their copies of the expensive Microsoft Office for a whole Google Docs office. I personally am not ready to drop ubiquitous Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint […]