Great Library of Theological Information Online

Forwarded message from Princeton Seminary: The new library is under construction. As part of its major upgrade, we have created what the president is calling ‘The Theological Commons’…a new digital library on theology and religion presently with 50,000 books. It is destined to serve the church around the world…people in places without many resources…available free of charge. Books may be read online, downloaded as PDFs or downloaded to a Kindle. Here’s the website:

A friend who is on the Board of Trustees of Princeton Seminary thoughtfully sent me the above notice. I went on the digital library website and was thrilled to see the extent of resources here, also in French, German and Dutch as well as Spanish and Latin. This is a significant gift to theological education around the world. Feel free to pass this along to friends, colleagues, seminary professors and students of the Word. I was naturally thrilled to see so many of RA Torrey’s books made available, but there are many, many more here, including works of the Puritans and seminal works of major theologians.

Yours for the kingdom,
Lyn Newbrander
ISI Staff (Philadelphia)

Best Free Technical Support Sites

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When compiling this list I only looked at free third-party support sites. If you are looking specifically for vendor support sites, then click here.

Most of the sites in this category have volunteer staffing and that means the quality of answers to your questions can very widely – it all depends on the individual you get. So don’t take the following site rankings too literally as your experience may well differ from mine.

Outstanding Sites
Tech Support Guy Free help for users of Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP and Linux. This is a volunteer run site with a very active forum area covering a good range of subject areas. You can also search past forum messages, which can be a little slow but may still be the quickest way to get the answer to your problems.

The site layout has been recently revamped and this has greatly improved usability. On the down-side advertising is now more prominent, though not yet intrusive.

When we tested the service, we got the answer to one of our questions immediately by searching the past forum database. Our two remaining questions were posed on the live forums in the appropriate categories and got answers to both, very promptly indeed. Impressive.

5Star Support
This free site offers a variety of tech support services. First there is an excellent on-line FAQ which provides quick answers to many common problems. Second, they offer some excellent technical guides which cover a wide range of topics from installing a network card to cleaning your mouse. Finally there is an web form where you can pose a specific problem and receive the answer by email.

We got the answer to one of our questions from the FAQ. The other two trickier questions we posed by filling in the web form. We immediately received an email saying that our questions had been sent to all the volunteers and we may receive more an answer from more than one volunteer.

That’s exactly what happened, we got two responses to each question from different individuals. Quickly too, all responses came within 12 hours. The solutions posed were both sound and logical but didn’t solve the problems. We then replied to the emails and asked for other solutions. After a couple of emails the volunteers came up with perfectly acceptable solutions though not necessarily the most technically insightful.

This service is free though donations for successful solutions are suggested. Overall an impressive service particularly for more straightforward problems.

Highly Recommended Sites
Protonic This is an online community that provides free computer technical support for Windows, Mac, Unix and Palm by email. The site is exceptionally well laid out and easily navigated. All you need do is , register for free then pose your question. The answer will be emailed to you very promptly.

Since last reviewed the site has gone from strength to strength. The already excellent layout has been improved further and response time to our questions was very speedy indeed.

Clean, straightforward and effective. I liked it!

AskMeHelpDesk is a Web site that pairs experts and novices to answer and ask questions. There are hundreds of topics, including many computer-related ones. The computer sections are quite active and I got answers to our test questions within a few hours. Take the strain off your help desk and get your users to check out this excellent free resource.

D-A-L Computer Help This a forum based Windows help service. It’s quite active with responses to questions often posted within a few hours. The “Spyware, Adware, Viruses and HijackThis Logs” section is particularly active and the answers posted both helpful and sound. The “Hand Held” and “Web Design” sections are currently a bit thin but that does not distract from the overall excellence of this free site for general Windows support. Registration is required to post a question but this is a simple and speedy procedure. Well worth trying. is a free tech support service from CNet. There are plenty of online resources to help you, drawn from a variety of sources. Some of these are on the site, some are elsewhere. Included in the latter is a question and answer service that links to gives you an easy interface for the Usenet support newsgroups, although to use this service you must register.

Suggest A Fix This is a free forum where users can post problems in the hope that another forum member can help. The available forums cover operating systems, general computing, the Internet and security with many subdivisions under each category.

The forums are not the busiest we’ve seen but almost all questions attract good quality answers. Our 3 test questions were answered very promptly indeed the solutions provided and were of high quality.

Like many other forums, a few dedicated individuals seem to provide the bulk of the answers so you might find the quality of the answers varying day to day according to who’s available. This reservation notwithstanding, we couldn’t fault the service we received.

About Guide on PC Support Here you’ll find an excellent portal site for all PC support issues. The information presented is thorough and comprehensive. They have a forum area where, after registration, you can post messages to other users free of charge. It’s not a particularly active forum, with only a dozen or so messages a day, so you may have to wait a while for a response. We did however, get answers to our problems and the correct answers at that.

Virtual Dr This site forms just part of the huge group of sites. They offer a pretty good set of online resources plus a well-used forum area where you can pose questions to fellow users. Registration is required but is free.

PC Crave A nice clean site offering free online and email tech support for all kinds of computer problems. Windows, Mac, Internet, Hardware etc. Just fill in the simple form on the site – no special registration needed.

Evernote to get organized

Hi all, For you all smart phone people(and even not), I want to let you know about this awesome app that  I use all the time for ministry. It is a great way to get organized, etc. it is called Evernote It is a way to have a “notebook” that sync’s to every platform you use using the web. There are apps for computers: Web clipper, Mac OS X, Windows and for or mobile devices: iPhone / iPod Touch, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Palm Pre / Palm Pixi, Windows Mobile. It is very easy to use and it has really become indispensible for me in what we do. I’m sure Ron has a similar take. Below are some articles about how to use it. – 9 ways I use evernote – 10 great ways to use evernote (related to “Getting things Done” by Allen)

There are other ways to use this too. The limits are only on your creativity on how it can be used. I manage my trips, my projects, my todo’s just about everything on this.

Fun Powerpoint videos on how to do it

Here is a fun site where microsoft gives tips and dos and don’t for powerpoint. We all can learn from these!

Growing Closer to God Through Facebook Prayer

Growing Closer to God Through Facebook Prayer
by PAUL W on JANUARY 28, 2010

Prayer is a critical element of ministry and of movements. Whether you minister – paid or unpaid – online or offline, you need a net work of people who pray for you regularly. You need their prayers to help you resist temptation. You need their prayers to help you grow in your relationship with God. You need their prayers to help you proclaim and live the Gospel boldly and with grace.

But, just as important, prayer must be part of your life as well. You need to have a relationship with God. Prayer isn’t an animistic process of saying the right words to get what we want from God. Instead, prayer is conversation and knowing God better is the goal of prayer.

I’ve talked before about how we can get to know God better by engaging the lost. In the last few weeks God has taught me something new – we can get to know God better by praying for others.

Facebook makes praying for others simpler than ever. Here’s how:

(See rest of article… )

Place to make easy but beautiful websites for ministries

I saw this on Brigada the other day. I haven’t used it yet. Have any of you? Share what you think in the comments…

1) The #1 Flashiest Website Around: Clover is Easy, Snazzy, Fast — Yesterday I asked my two sons what they thought about the new Team Expansion website, now staged at CloverSites:

They *raved*. One son (the 20-year-old) said, “Dad, I’ll be a missionary with Team Expansion now that your website is this cool.” 🙂 OK… maybe his comment was tongue-in-cheek (although he *is* actually leading a summer team for us this summer), but the truth is, they really did like it. What’s more, it’s really easy, really fast, and really has a lot of potential. If you’d like to see some of the available features, take a look at: and

Those are all included in the base rate of $20/month.

I don’t know of a single, solitary more effective web-authoring solution for the non-web-professional. Just browse to…

to get started. Remember, even though it’s flash, the folks at Clover have developed a method of showing text to search engines, so your site will be very search-engine-friendly. And there are even more upgrades to come… and you’ll get them all for the same low monthly price once they’re finished.

(What’s more, Clover gives a tithe of all the start-up feel to Brigada… so when you use the best website, you’re also helping power-up Brigada.)

Inquire or comment about this item at…

Microsoft Live! Products are Alive and Well! and really Useful

I don’t know how many of you google docs or apps or any of the office live products… but I found this blog post at winvistclub about all the Microsoft LIVE! websites. I never knew how many things there were and most if not all of this is free and handy for what we do…

Make the best of Windows Live! Have you tried all of these Windows Live Services? You can get the most from Windows and the Web with Live software and services. They are easy to use. These betas help you stay connected and share what you want on the web, your PC, and even your mobile phone. Learn more, download, and try the betas now. Or start with these :

Cool new deal, apps on the iphone

I use WordPress, iContact and eventbrite a lot. It is a significant part of my ministry tool kit. Just recently I found that all three have apps on the iPhone. This allows me to make changes, send e-mails, write blog posts, enter people for an event… all sorts of things remotely using my iPhone. So, if there is a student who wants to sign up for an event we are having, I can do it right away allowing them to sign up on my phone. If I need to send am immediate prayer alert while at an event, I can do it to all my prayer partners using iContact. If I am on a trip visiting students, I can blog it real time on my ministry blog using the WordPress App. All the while saving notes, etc. that is accessible on my computer, the web, and my iPhone using Evernote.  This is truly incredible!

Making a Video for Promoting your Event

I was recently asked about how to make a simple video for an event. I thought I would post the answer on this blog.

Making a video is actually a process. Honestly, the best way to learn this stuff is play with it and you will figure it out. The general work flow is as follows but honestly, the description makes it seem a lot more complicated than it is. Remember, A rule of thumb is around 1 hour of edit, production time for each minute of video produced.

I hope that helps. I would do a Google search for videos to help you with each step.  It’s all not too bad… just takes a lot of time. One good reference for learning new things is the eHow website and the book series. These are what I usually start with when I am learning something new.

Marketing Where the Students Are

Marketing Where the Students Are: The “average” college student has 87 email contacts, 146 cell phone contacts and 438 “friends” on social networks. Men tend to have more cell phone contacts and women more “friends.” Marketers have become especially interested in this sphere of influence of 671 potential consumers around each student. This is true especially in social networking where almost 40% of college students have “friended” a brand or product online, double the national average. The digital world has many possibilities as college students access more than 14 screens a day – compared with just over 5 for all adults. They prefer text messaging to face to face communication and 83% have visited a website associated with a TV program they watched. More than 60% have watched a TV show online through sites like Hulu or Joost during the past year. ( February 25, 2010)