Growing Closer to God Through Facebook Prayer

Growing Closer to God Through Facebook Prayer by PAUL W on JANUARY 28, 2010 Prayer is a critical element of ministry and of movements. Whether you minister – paid or unpaid – online or offline, you need a net work of people who pray for you regularly. You need their prayers to help you […]

New Facebook Search

One thing that might be useful for us as international student ministers is the ability to search through our facebook friends for a particular topic. Perhaps you are working on a discussion group and want to test out if a particular topic is something people are truly talking about. Or perhaps there is a situation […]

Good Stuff at ISI National Staff Conference 2009

ISI’s National Staff Conference 2009 wrapped up today. Honestly it was one of ISI’s best in recent history and many of us left challenged and encouraged. One of the special images to my eyes was when I walked around the lobby of the hotel, I saw everywhere people more experience in technology helping those who […]

Facebook Stormed by a Trojan Horse (not a virus)

Just recently an ISI person was infected with a Trojan horse on Facebook that was sent to all the staff. Fortunately, the national office was able to send a note to stop people from opening the message averting major problems. A questions was asked about what types of viruses reside on Facebook and what can […]

A Facebook URL to call Your Own to Share

Today on June 13, Facebook added the ability to define your own URL for your facebok page. From now on your facebook page can have the form, “” At first glance this may look like an attempt by facebook to capitalize on people’s narcissistic tendencies. Perhaps, but for us who do international student ministry it […]

ACMI 2009 Plenary & Workshop Presentations about Web 2.0 & Resource Notes

Welcome back all from ACMI 2009. It was a true pleasure meeting many of you. Here is a resource sheet from my workshop at ACMI 2009 at Azusa Pacific University, June 2009, which has a lot of links to important sites etc. related to ISM Ministry. Here is a link to the video that I […]

The New “Facebook” of Evangelism & Discipleship from ISMinister

Here is a newletter post from the international student minister Chris Hardy from Michigan commenting on his experience with facebook… For those of you over the age of 25 who may not know what facebook is, you’re not alone. Facebook is a website that connects people together via the internet. What started out as a […]

Facebook as a way to strengthen your Ministry

Hi… My name is Roy Yabuki… I am one of the moderators of this blog and I am excited about the prospect of sharing some really cool things with you all about what people are doing in international student ministry and some useful ways to use technology as a way to multiply your ministry capabilities […]