Great podcast about using social networking well and my favorite app no matter the platform!

Hi all, Here is a great podcast mp3 I was listening to from Harvard Business that talks about two things that are useful in the area of tech: It discusses using deciding on what social networking to use and how to use it to boost your productivity It discusses “Evernote,” my favorite (pc, mac, […]

Social media explained :-)

Awesome explanation of social media. Descriptive, true and yet funny. Enjoy

Twitter Tweet Cheat Sheet

It was great meeting many of you at ACMI this last weekend. I hope that we will be able to connect more in the future. During one of my workshops someone asked for a cheat sheet for Twitter. Here is one made by Jason Theodor on his blog,

What in the world is Twitter? and Why Should I care as a International Student Minister?

One question I am commonly asked is, “What is twitter and why should I care?” This is a very valid question.This is especially true of late as many famous people have recently migrated on to twitter including the likes of Oprah, Ashton Kutcher (1.6 million followers), Shaq, the local weather man, etc.  Twitter often defy’s […]